Super Alloy 1 Multi-Metal and Pot Metal Solder Super Alloy 5 Aluminum Welding and Brazing Rod
Sizes Available (in.) 3/32in, 1/8in 3/32in, 1/16in
Sizes Available (mm) 2.38mm, 3.17mm 2.38mm, 1.58mm
Melting Point 350° F (177° C) 600° F (316° C)
Bonding Strength 20,000 PSI 30,000 PSI
Flux type and shelf life Honey liquid, 2 year shelf life Powder, 1 year shelf life
Recommended torch Propane, MAPP, butane, oxyacetylene Propane, MAPP, oxyacetylene
Can be polished? Fair Excellent
Can be plated? Yes Yes
Takes powder coating? Fair Excellent
Can be used on thick aluminum? No Yes, with oxyacetylene
Can join aluminum to other metals (brass, steel etc)? Yes No
Can repair radiators without burning fins? Yes No
Potential for metal warpage? No Potential
Can be used with TIG? No Yes
Can repair cast aluminum? No Yes, with oxyacetylene
Pre-cleaning necessary? Yes No
Can repair aluminum boats? No Yes, with oxyacetylene
Can be anodized? No Yes
Can be used with a soldering iron? No Yes
Demonstrated on pop cans at the county fair? NEVER NEVER