Aluminum Air Conditioning Repair Tips with Super Alloy 5 Repair Kit

Aluminum air conditioning repair season is here, time to address some common air conditioning issues.  In this video, learn how to repair a piece of punctured aluminum air conditioning tubing.

We pulled a piece of aluminum tubing  from an air conditioning condenser and punctured some holes to simulate a punctured line.  We pre-cleaned one hole and left another hole covered in years of oxidation and contaminates to demonstrate the superior cleaning capabilities of Super Alloy 5’s powder flux.

A propane torch was utilized, since aluminum air conditioning lines are very thin aluminum and can easily reach 600°F with propane.  Brazing cast aluminum, or large aluminum parts like intake manifolds or aluminum boats require oxyacetylene or another oxygen fueled heat source.

How do you know when the aluminum has reached Super Alloy 5’s 600°F working temperature?  Simple.  Watch the flux.  Notice how it transforms from powder to liquid as the aluminum tubing increases in temperature.  As soon as it becomes thin and watery, apply the aluminum filler rod.

After filling the pre-cleaned hole, Super Alloy 5’s flux works its magic, dissolving the impurities and ensuring a proper bond of the filler rod.

Super Alloy 5 is as strong as a weld (30,000 psi) and flows like silver solder.  It’s a perfect color match for aluminum, making it an ideal solution for all aluminum air conditioning repair needs!


  • Wait for the flux to do its job, as it will clean the aluminum dirt, oil, grease, paint, while removing the oxidation, and open the pores of the white metal.  Aluminum air conditioning repair is not a process that can be rushed.  Overheating the aluminum may result in a blob of aluminum mess
  • Always keep your torch perpendicular or straight away from the repair area
  • Avoid overheating the aluminum.  Keep the torch moving and broadly heat the work area



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