Aluminum Brazing Rods: Aluminum Brazing Tips with Super Alloy 5

Super Alloy 5 aluminum brazing rods are the rod of choice when brazing thin aluminum parts.  To demonstrate it’s superior flow and penetration capabilities, we place 2 thin aluminum plates perpendicular to one another and bond the plates using a simple propane torch.  Notice the superior flow of Super Alloy 5 as well as the capillary action (flow from front to back, side to side).

Super Alloy 5 can be applied with any heat source (we recommend oxyacetylene or oxy-MAPP for brazing large aluminum pieces or thick aluminum parts such as aluminum boats) at a very low temperature:  600°F, half the melting temperature of pure aluminum.  These aluminum brazing rods are specially formulated to work with our powder flux, which not only cleans impurities from the aluminum, but also acts as an exact temperature guide.

Proper technique is important:  gently  heat the end of the rod, dip it into the flux, and apply the flux to the aluminum at the joint.  Keep the torch moving to avoid overheating the aluminum.  Notice how the flux transforms from a powder to a liquid when the parent metal has reached the proper working temperature.

When the part has reached 600°F, begin to melt the rod into the joint while continuing to broadly heat the aluminum.  Super Alloy 5 will flow into the joint, creating a bond free of pinholes or porosity.  The end result is a smooth joint that has an extruded appearance.  Super Alloy 5 aluminum brazing rods can also be used as a TIG rod.



  •  If the flux turns liquid in the bottle, it has absorbed moisture. It is still usable, but it is more difficult to use than in powder form. Apply as usual, but watch for the flux to turn powder then back to a liquid. Always cap your flux immediately after use.
  • If the rod balls up, your base metal is too cold. Knock the ball off, back the rod up, and add more flux and heat until the flux liquifies, then reapply rod.
  • Remove excess flux with a wire brush and warm water


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.