Muggy Weld Super Alloy 5 Flux Instructions & Tips for Use

Super Alloy 5 aluminum repair kit consists of aluminum alloyed rods and a jar of powder flux.  While some aluminum rods are sold without flux, we strongly encourage the use of flux when repairing/welding/brazing/soldering aluminum.  Why?

Super Alloy 5 flux pre-cleans the base metal and bonds through oxidation, residual paint, oil, grease etc.  Whenever an aluminum part is heated, the surface oxidation increases as the temperature rises.  Use of Super Alloy 5’s powder flux removes the oxidation as the temperature increases, allowing for a successful bond.   Flux use reduces the surface tension and increases the weld’s bond, and increases the flow of the rod so it can flow easily into the joint.

While pre-cleaning the metal is unnecessary with Super Alloy 5 flux, it will enable you to use less flux when bonding aluminum.

Super Alloy 5 powder flux is specially formulated for use with Super Alloy 5 aluminum brazing rods.

Tips for use:

  • When using propane or MAPP gas with Super Alloy 5, use a torch tip with a trigger start or push-button ignitor on thin metals. The brass tips often sold with propane bottles are inadequate because they do not produce enough heat to allow the parent metal to reach the 600°F working temperature
  • Always apply the Super Alloy 5 flux to a hot surface to ensure the flux adheres to the aluminum part
  • Heat the end of the rod as shown in the video and dip the alloy into the powder flux, if the flux doesn’t grab, heat the rod again until the flux sticks to the rod
  • Keep the torch at a 90° angle to the joint, and melt the flux onto the parent metal
  • Pull the rod away and heat the parent metal until the flux turns clear and watery.  Super Alloy 5’s powder flux changes from powder to liquid when the base metal reaches 600°F, acting as an absolute temperature guide
  • Quickly place the Super Alloy 5 rod atop the fluxed area and melt the rod onto the aluminum, then flow the rod out with the torch
  •  If the rod balls up, throw the balled up rod away, remove the flux and start again
  • Clean off any flux residue before placing the aluminum rod back in the PVC tube

Note:  Please observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.