72 Burnt Cast Iron Electrode


72 is a nickel free cast iron electrode which seals in porosity generating contaminants prior to finish welding with 77 electrode.

There are occasions in industry where exceedingly dirty cast iron is encountered. 77, which bonds well to most cast iron does have a limitation.  Since 77 has controlled penetration, which is ideal for non-cracking and machinability, it may not be able to bond exceptionally dirty cast iron. 72 should be used for this application. It has a high penetration, can anchor deep into the subsurface of dirty cast iron, and seals in porosity generating contaminates prior to finish welding with 77.  72 is used for a cladding operation, then the weld is completed with 77.

Key Features:

  • Easily clads heat oxidized and oil impregnated castings
  • Perfect color match to cast iron
  • Non-conductive flux-coating

Note: Use stringer or moderate weave technique. When cladding, cover the entire base surface prior to finish welding.


Earn up to 550 Points.

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