77 Non-Cracking Cast Iron Welding Rod 72 Burnt Cast Iron Welding Rod 75 Nickel Iron Rod for Malleable Ductile and Nodular Cast Iron SSF-6 High Strength 56% Silver Solder
Sizes Available (in.) 5/32in, 1/8in, 3/32in 5/32in, 1/8in, 3/32in 3/32in, 1/8in, 5/32in 1/16in
Sizes Available (mm) 3.96mm, 3.17mm, 2.38mm 3.96mm, 3.17mm, 2.38mm 2.38mm, 3.17mm, 3.96mm 1.58mm
Arc - TIG - Braze Arc - TIG Arc - TIG Arc - TIG Braze
Works on engine blocks? Yes No No Yes
Works on large cast iron holes? Yes Yes Yes No
Joins cast iron to steel? Yes Yes Yes No
Joins cast iron to metals other than steel? No No No Yes
Works on exhaust manifolds, woodstoves, or other burnt cast iron? Good Great No Good
Works on thin cast iron? Yes Yes Yes Yes, even very thin
Color match? Good Good Good No
All position? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Machineable? Yes No Yes Yes
Paintable? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Works over existing welds? Fair-- better on unwelded surface Fair Over nickel, yes Great
Crack resistant? Yes No No Yes
Depth to bevel cracks 3/4 through 3/4 through 3/4 through 1/2 through