Braze Copper to Aluminum: Bonding Dissimilar Metals

How to Braze Copper to Aluminum Tubing with Super Alloy 1 multi-metal solder

Often in the refrigeration industry, it is necessary to join copper to aluminum tubing from an evaporator. Sound impossible? Our Super Alloy 1 makes brazing copper to aluminum easy work.

Begin by pre-cleaning the aluminum and copper tubing, then insert the aluminum tube into the flared end of the copper tube.

Preheat both the copper and aluminum tubing, focusing the heat slightly more on the copper than the aluminum (since copper has a higher melting point than aluminum)

Dip the soldering rod into the Super Alloy 1 liquid flux and apply the flux to the entire joint area with the rod.

Heat both the copper tubing and the aluminum tubing broadly with a soft flame until the flux changes color. Super Alloy 1’s unique flux acts as a temperature guide, transforming from honey colored to root beer brown when the parent metal reaches its 350°F working temperature.

Apply the Super Alloy 1 rod and allow it to flow through the joint to create a smooth neat joint that is not only strong and leakproof, but will also stand up indefinitely–at 20,000 PSI.  The resulting bond can be powder coated, plated, polished, painted,  or shaped the same as the parent metal.

Super Alloy 1 is an all position rod ideal for repairing copper, thin aluminum, zinc die cast, pot metal, steel, stainless, lead, galvanized metal, brass, zamak, bronze, pewter, zinc plated steel,  and “monkey metal” — individually or in any combination.



  • Super Alloy 1 can be used with propane, soldering iron, butane, MAPP gas, acetylene, oxyacetylene
  • Always remember to turn the oxygen down with oxyacetylene
  • Non corrosive liquid flux can be removed easily with warm water


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.