Super Alloy 1 Multi-Metal and Pot-Metal Solder


Super Alloy 1 is a low-temperature multi-metal solder that bonds all white metals and can also join white metals to practically any other metal–even ferrous to non-ferrous metals, like steel to aluminum.

Super Alloy 1 bonds metals at half the melting point of pot metal; its honey flux turns root beer brown when the base metal has reached the 350°F working temperature, enabling quick and easy soldering repairs. This all position rod is ideal for repairing pot metal pitting and can be applied with any heat source including a soldering gun, heat gun, or propane torch with no welding expertise.

The industry standard for classic car restoration and antique auto applications, Super Alloy 1 has salvaged thousands of priceless classic car parts!


Key Features:

  • Solders: pot metal, aluminum, galvanized metal, copper, brass, bronze, steel, zinc die cast, pewter, zinc plated steel, lead, zamak, monkey metal
  • Low working temperature – 350°F – prevents warpage and base metal damage; favored in applications requiring low heat
  • Works with: propane, MAPP gas, oxyacetylene, butane, heat gun, larger soldering irons, ovens
  • Can be plated, painted, powder coated, polished, shaped, build-up missing pieces
  • Completely non-corrosive; washes off with warm water
  • 20,000 psi bonding strength

Note: Super Alloy 1 cannot be used to repair aluminum boats, cast aluminum, large aluminum masses, or diamond plate aluminum. Super Alloy 5 and an oxyacetylene torch are required for these applications.

Contains cadmium.  Super Alloy 1 cannot be imported to countries in the EU due to import regulations.    

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65:  WARNING: This product contains chemicals including [Cadmium], which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to

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