Aluminum Welding Supplies: Testing Super Alloy 5 Bond Strength

At Muggy Weld, we believe aluminum welding, brazing and soldering should be easy as well as effective. With that objective in mind, we offer 2 solutions certain to meet most  aluminum repair needs:  Super Alloy 1 low temperature solder and Super Alloy 5 welding and brazing rod.

For this video demonstration, we joined 2 aluminum plates with Super Alloy 5 aluminum welding rod and flux kit, then attempted to break the bond first using pliers, then a vise.  We were unsuccessful in our attempts to break the Super Alloy 5 joint, even when the plates were squeeze flat in the vise.  This is a 30,000 psi bond, strong enough to tackle radiators, HVAC, aluminum boats, cast aluminum and more.

Super Alloy 5 is a versatile, all-position welding rod that can be used for brazing, soldering, and even TIG welding aluminum.  It has a working temperature of 600°F, which is less than half the melting temperature of aluminum.  This low melting temperature enables anyone to make aluminum repairs at home with any torch.

The finished product is a perfect color match to the aluminum, and can be manipulated the same as the parent aluminum:  machined, drilled, tapped, threaded, or shaped.   Joints appear extruded and require very little finishing.

Super Alloy 5 comes with specially formulated alloy rods and a jar of powder flux, designed to work together with your brazing torch.  The flux can cut through dirt, oil, grease, oxidation and impurities–so pre-cleaning your aluminum is now a thing of the past.  Simply heat the end of the rod, dip the rod into the flux, and apply to the desired work area.  The transformative nature of Super Alloy 5’s flux acts as a temperature guide, visually changing from powder to liquid when the aluminum reaches 600°F.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.