Tips for Soldering Aluminum with Muggy Weld Super Alloy 5

Soldering aluminum can be a challenging task without the proper tools.  When faced with thin aluminum parts, we recommend soldering at a low temperature with Super Alloy 5 aluminum welding, brazing, and soldering kit.

The Super Alloy 5 kit is comprised of 18 inch long aluminum alloyed rods and an accompanying powder flux.  These two elements work together to enable anyone to repair aluminum with nearly any torch–without overheating or melting the aluminum.  Super Alloy 5’s unique flux both cleans the metal of all impurites and acts as a temperature guide.  Simply apply the flux to the joint of the thin aluminum parts, apply broad heat, and watch for the transformation.  As the aluminum reaches proper working temperature, the flux becomes thin and watery, indicating it’s time to add the aluminum filler rod.  If you wish to conserve flux, you may pre-clean the aluminum with a wire brush.

Notice the application technique:  Mike quickly heats the end of the rod with his torch, then dips the rod into the flux to allow it to adhere.  He then applies the flux directly to the joint and continues broadly heating.  Broad heating is recommended, as applying heat directly to one spot will result in melted aluminum on the floor.

Only add your rod after the flux has done its job by opening the pores of the aluminum and removing oxidation and impurities.  Use the torch to flow the rod–the rod follows the heat and the flux.  You may add more flux to increase the flow and flatten out the filler rod.

Thin aluminum is repaired easily with propane or MAPP gas, thick aluminum or large aluminum masses such as aluminum boats require an oxyacetylene torch.   Aluminum dissipates heat very quickly and the filler rod will not flow properly if the base metal is too cold.  If this happens, you’ll notice the rod balling up on the end.  Simply knock the ball off, reapply flux and start over.  Excess flux can be removed with a wire brush and warm water.

Super Alloy 5 polishes beautifully and will hold a polish as long as the parent aluminum. Zinc rods that have no flux do not polish or hold a polish.


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.