SSF-6 Silver Solder: High Strength 56% Silver Solder


SSF-6 is high-strength 56% silver solder alloy.  An ideal replacement for fluxless silver solder coils, our flux-coated rod has high thin flow, flows easily, and can be used with a variety of metals at over 70,000 psi.

SSF-6 is the only fluxed silver solder that’s strong enough to clean oxidized stainless steel, and SSF-6 wets even burned stainless. It can be used on cast iron, as well as for bonding stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, mild steel,  carbon steel,  chrome-moly, German steel, inconel , cuprenickel, and cast steel individually or with other metals. To ensure safe use for medical and pharmaceutical applications, our product is also cadmium-free.

Key Features:

  • Tensile strength up to 70,000 PSI
  • Specially formulated flux coating provides twice the base metal cleansing action of conventional silver flux coatings
  • Cadmium free formula is ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications
  • Strong enough to clean oxidized stainless steel, wets even burnt stainless steel
  • 1 inch of material can flow 18 inches on thin tight fitting metals, bonding even hard to reach areas

Note:  Pre-cleaning the parent metal is always advised, as it will result in a stronger bond.

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