SSQ-6 56% Silver Solder Paste


SSQ-6 is a high-strength silver solder paste with the highest silver content on the market–56%.  This easy-to-use paste has a high thin flow, flows easily, and can be used with a variety of metals at over 85,000 psi.

SSQ-6 is the only silver solder paste that’s strong enough to clean oxidized stainless steel.  SSQ-6 wets even burned stainless. It can be used on cast iron, as well as for bonding stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, mild steel, tool steel, carbide, carbon steel, and chrome-moly individually or with other metals. To ensure safe use for medical and pharmaceutical applications, our silver solder paste is also cadmium-free.

Key Features:

  • Tensile strength up to 85,000 PSI
  • Flows at 1205°F
  • Can be used with propane, MAPP gas, or oxyacetylene
  • Flux is incorporated
  • Works on thin or thick base metal
  • For use in all positions
  • Excellent for brazing close-tolerance joints
  • Can be built up, painted, machined, polished, or powder coated
  • Cadmium free
  • Recommended for precision work such as jewelry making (pair with Heat Freeze)
  • Handy cream allows for one-handed soldering and placement of alloy
  • Syringe dispenser eliminates waste–as little as a pinhead dot can be dispensed
  • Easily washed off flux residues leave no corrosives–even on electrical applications
  • Large oversize 1 oz. dispenser facilitates one-handed, low-pressure applications without seepage
  • Syringe and tip included
  • Shelf life 9 months

Note: Apply solder with gentle pressure on the plunger (excessive pressure will cause the applicator to break)

For best results, clean your work area and make sure that everything’s in order before you begin soldering. Clamp the parts that require soldering together into a vise, making sure to position the ends so there are no gaps. Silver powdered solder can’t fill in gaps but will flow around the joint to fuse the parts, so make sure that you get a good fit for optimum results.

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