Aluminum Welding Rods: Join Thick or Thin Aluminum with Muggy Weld

Super Alloy 5 aluminum welding rods are one of two aluminum bonding solutions featured on Muggy Weld.

For this demonstration, we employed John of John Barrett Works to hold the camera while Mike gave a product demonstration bonding 2 aluminum plates.  Mike placed the plates on a wire piece to centralize his heat on the aluminum parts to be joined (omitting this step will lead to the metal UNDER the repair pulling most of the torch heat)

Super Alloy 5 are low temperature rods (600°F) that are as strong as a weld and can also be used as TIG welding rods.

Pre-cleaning the aluminum is not necessary, thanks to Super Alloy 5’s unique flux.  This flux not only cleans through dirt, oxidation, grease and oil, it also functions as a temperature guide, changing from powder to liquid form when the aluminum has reached 600°F.  This feature allows even newbie welders to approach welding aluminum with confidence.

Note the technique:  side to side, front to back with the torch.  Moving the heat consistently ensures the parent aluminum does not overheat and become a liquid pool.

While the base metal is pre-heating, dip the rod into the powder flux and apply a small amount to the joint.  Begin to gently heat the flux, using the torch to pull the flux front to back, side to side.  Super Alloy 5’s rods follow the flux, so it’s important to pull the flux through the weld joint fully before applying the rod.

Mike used a propane torch for these small aluminum parts, however, Super Alloy 5 can be applied with nearly any torch successfully.  A good rule of thumb is if the metal is thick or the part is large (such as an aluminum boat or cast aluminum manifold) then an oxyacetylene torch is required.

It’s easy enough to determine if your torch is adequate:  does the alloy flow with heat or does it ball up?  If it balls up, this is an indication the base metal is not hot enough.  Knock the ball off and start over.  If this continues, you may need to try a hotter torch.

The end result, after removing the residual flux with warm water and a wire brush, is a bonded joint that looks extruded.  And zero porosity or pinholes with these amazing welding rods.  Just a high strength aluminum bond.

NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.