Cast Iron Tractor Steering Arm Welding with 75 Electrode

4  Cast Iron Tractor Steering Arm Welding Tips

Muggy Weld customer Robert Freeman sent the following testimonial regarding our 75 electrode for nodular, malleable, and ductile cast iron welding:

Hey, I welded back the steering arm on the spindle of a Kubota 4 wheel drive tractor with a front end loader (also a Kubota)

Robert noted that the man he prepared the weld for “defines work environment, he’ll pressure test it to the limit”

and after returning the Kubota to his customer, followed up with

Attached are the before and after photos of the 75 welding rod. Super impressed. My customer just called and said he had used the front end loader, disc and bushhog all day today. Thanks! Robert Freeman

When it comes to cast iron welding, most welders will take a pass on this dirty, porous foe. Other welders have been known to grab whichever cast iron electrode they have handy in their shop, crossing their fingers hoping for a positive outcome. At Muggy Weld, we receive calls from customers stating they’ve used stainless steel rod, MIG wire, or 7018 before and for some reason, it isn’t working for their current application. Mis-identification of the type of cast iron is often the issue.

Before running a bead, you first need to identify which type of cast iron you’ll be welding. If you’re unsure which type of cast you’re repairing, one determination test used is the ring test. Gray cast will not produce a ring sound, but ductile cast will. The chisel test will also help identify whether the cast iron is gray or ductile–gray cast creates small chips like dust, while ductile will try to curl.

Ductile cast is often used in agricultural tractors due to its strength, durability, impact resistance and wear resistance. Ductile iron is known as functional industrial iron because it bends before it breaks, unlike brittle gray cast iron. An iron that possesses attributes such as these needs to be paired with an equally impressive cast iron welding rod.

75 electrodes from are engineered to hold up to durable ductile iron. Ductile cast iron is used in some nasty outdoor environments which can cause the metal to become heavily contaminated–75 cast iron welding rod has the unique ability to penetrate these surface contaminates.

If you are working on clean ductile, or malleable castings, 75 electrode can also be used as a TIG rod.


Note:  Please observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.