Super Alloy 1 Multi-Metal and Pot Metal Solder
Sizes Available (in.) 3/32in, 1/8in
Sizes Available (mm) 2.38mm, 3.17mm
Melting temperature 350° F (177° C)
Bonding strength 20,000 PSI
Flux type and shelf life Honey liquid, 2 year shelf life
Recommended torch Propane, MAPP, butane, oxyacetylene
Contains cadmium? Yes
Alloy color Silver
Metal warpage? No
Can bond thick to thin metals? Good
Can join copper, brass, and bronze to other metals? Yes
All position? Yes
Can be plated? Most metals except aluminum
Can be polished? Yes
Takes powder coating? Yes
Pre-cleaning necessary? Yes, with a wire brush, sanding, Dremel etc