75 Nickel Iron Rod for Malleable Ductile and Nodular Cast Iron


75 is a non-conductive nickel iron welding rod formulated to join dirty and contaminated cast irons.  This universal electrode can be used to weld a wide variety of malleable, ductile, and nodular cast irons.  In addition, it is ideally suited for the repair of defective or cracked malleable iron castings.

Ductile cast iron is a cast iron that is lighter than steel, corrosion, wear and impact resistant, high strength, and durable. Whereas brittle gray cast iron is used in shrink-free parts such as engine blocks and exhaust manifolds, ductile is used extensively in industries where tensile strength is vital, such as ductile iron pipes for water or sewer lines, oil-well pumps, agricultural tractors, truck axles, hydrostatic barrels, machine tooling, piano harps, suspension system parts, wheel hubs, high-pressure valves, steering knuckles, and spindle supports.

Malleable cast iron is similar to gray and ductile cast irons, but has the unique properties of being bendable and flexible without cracking. It has higher elongation properties than ductile cast iron, is stronger and more impact resistant than gray or ductile cast iron, and has high shock absorption and abrasion resistance. These qualities are useful in heavy duty applications such as marine equipment, railroad equipment, farm equipment, crankshafts, pipe fittings, compressor hubs, mining hardware, flanges, machine parts, universal joints, electrical fittings, hand tools, washers, brackets, fence fittings, power line hardware, and connecting rods.

Key Features:

  • Flux coating does not side arc even after being heated
  • Specially formulated for the dirtiest of cast irons
  • Extremely strong arc drive penetrates surface contaminates
  • Joins cast iron to steel
  • Special slag composition can be welded over without creating porosity
  • Barium free flux coating
  • Can be used flat, vertical up, horizontal, overhead
  • Extra nickel content insures crack resistance machinable weld

Note: Begin by beveling the joint. Drill holes 1/2 inch from each end of the crack to prevent further cracking while welding. Tack weld to retain alignment. Use AC or DC reverse polarity, electrode positive. Maintain a short arc and make short passes and peen each pass promptly to chip off slag before cooling. Continue back whipping and overlapping until all deposits are connected. Cool naturally.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: WARNING: This product contains chemicals including [Nickel], which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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