Stainless Steel Soldering Tips: Soldering Stainless Steel to Brass

Another day, another video featuring stainless steel silver soldering tips.  In this edition, Mike uses a propane torch to join a stainless steel plate to a brass plate with SSF-6 Silver Solder.

When would I need to silver solder stainless steel to brass?

There are many applications for soldering stainless steel to brass, one being plumbing.  Often, pipes are constructed of differing metals which need to be joined.  SSF-6 is a high strength, flux-coated silver solder alloy designed to join stainless steel to brass, copper, steel and more–with any handheld torch.

Mike recommends placing the parent metals on a piece of wire rather than directly on the vise, to avoid the vise pulling all the torch heat while soldering.

SSF-6 has a 70,000 psi bonding strength when applied as directed.  Always remember that pre-cleaning is necessary when using SSF-6, to ensure a strong bond.

After pre-cleaning the parts, start your torch and begin to evenly heat both the stainless steel and the brass.  Each metal has a different melting point, so the important thing to remember is to focus the heat on the denser metal–in this case, the brass.  As the brass changes to a dull red, it’s an indication to add the flux.

Since SSF-6 is conveniently flux-coated, application is a snap.  Simply roll the rod gently across the joint to melt off a small amount of flux.  When soldering, consistently keep the torch moving to avoid overheating and damaging the stainless steel or brass parts.

Use the torch to flow out the flux, then add a drop of the silver solder alloy.  Notice how the alloy follows the heat, Mike moves the torch where he wants the silver solder to flow.

SSF-6 is flux coated, and 1 inch of material flows 18 inches–you’ll notice Mike did not have to add more brazing rod, because the SSF-6 is 56% silver and flows out with the flame.

Another successful application featuring Muggy Weld premium welding rods.


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