Solex PH-44 Carburetor Repair for Mercedes and High Performance Autos

MuggyWeld customer Pete Giza shared the following carburetor repair testimonial, complete with impressive photos and videos. This is Pete’s first experience using Super Alloy 1 rod and flux for pot metal repair.

I Just wanted you to know that I just started fixing a carburetor worth $1,000 with your product. I have worked with a lot of different welding and soldering products in the past, and I have to say this stuff is fantastic.

I have tried other zinc repair alloys in the past, but they didn’t work out well. They were much too hard, too brittle, and were not self-annealing. Actually, I was expecting this one to crack but, she’s holding fast.

“Solex PH-44 is a side draft carburetor and was a popular choice in the mid-50s and 60s for high-performance European sports cars, most notably the Mercedes W121 190SL and W127 220SL. These carburetors in restored condition are worth as much as $4000 a pair. A bare PH-44 body in excellent condition can fetch over $1000. A good, repaired body is worth $500-$700. As you can see, it is worth the effort to salvage a good body that has been cracked, chipped, or broken.”

The backstory on this is that I have another ph44 that is also cracked. And so I started doing some research to see if there was a possible way to fix these. I stumbled across one of your videos on YouTube, and I was intrigued and then hooked by watching you actually do it. I know when somebody is faking it, and you were definitely not faking it, so I decided to put your product to the test.

As you can see, it worked out really well. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to repair pot metal, so it’s not as good as nice a finish as I would like, but that is my issue. I’m going to try this out on a few other bodies and see how good I can get with it. I’m super happy and think it’s a great product
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