Silver Soldering Copper with SSQ-6 56% Silver Solder Paste

Silver soldering copper has never been easier thanks to SSQ-6 silver solder paste.  Similar in composition to our SSF-6 silver solder alloy, SSQ-6 is packaged in a convenient 1 oz syringe for easy application.

For this video, Mike uses SSQ-6 and a propane torch to join 2 copper plates, simulating a copper to copper maintenance soldering repair.

Copper has a variety of uses, it can be found in water piping in every building or home in North America. Copper is also used in A/C units, refrigeration, and is a good conductor of electricity.  Many aluminum radiators are being replaced with copper (ironically, the opposite was happening in the 80s) due to the durability and long lasting nature of copper vs aluminum.

Note:  Impurities on the base metal impede SSQ-6’s bonding capability; therefore, it is necessary to pre-clean the copper prior to silver soldering, to allow the silver solder to bond properly.

After pre-cleaning the copper, just push the plunger on the syringe and add the amount need for the solder joint.  For more precise application, attach the syringe tip that’s included with purchase.  Application couldn’t be easier.

Keep the torch moving.  Broadly heat the copper until it begins to change color.  Notice the technique:  back and forth, side to side.  SSQ-6 silver solder follows the heat, so be sure to heat front to back to pull the solder completely through the joint.

SSQ-6 is ideal for soldering delicate parts, areas with limited access, jewelry repair, and more.  It bonds at 85,000 psi (stronger than SSF-6) and is useful for silver soldering a number of metals in addition to copper:  mild steel, tool steel, carbide, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, and chrome-moly–individually or with other metals.  This high strength silver solder is conveniently packaged with the flux mixed into the silver solder, and is restaurant and hospital safe (cadmium free).


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.

Refrigeration increases shelf life.  Caution: Do not store near edible items. If you refrigerate SSQ-6, please store in a “chemical only” designated refrigerator.