Repair Zinc, Pewter or Pot Metal Jewelry Without Damaging the Piece

107 A woman approached me at a local classic or antique car show and asked if I could repair jewelry. I have repaired belt buckles and rings in the past just to help people save heirlooms or precious gifts from loved ones. The latter was the case for this repair, she said her daughter had given her matching earrings to the jewelry in the video and it had broken somehow.

She didn’t have the missing piece, but that’s not a problem with Super Alloy 1–our multi-metal solder can bridge gaps very well.

Notice in the video that I pointed the flame to the very end of the part to be repaired and the body was still cold to the touch. I did not want to heat the rest as there may have been heat damage not knowing the makeup of the jewel.

The jewelry was made of either pot metal, zinc die cast, or pewter. It really doesn’t matter because Super Alloy 1 is multi talented.


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