Attaching/Joining Copper to Aluminum Tubing

Often in the refrigeration industry, it is necessary to join copper to aluminum tubing from an evaporator. Sound impossible? Our Super Alloy 1 makes it easy work.

Begin by inserting the aluminum tube into the flared end of the copper tube.

Apply Super Alloy 1 flux on the joint area with a brush.

Heat broadly with a soft flame until flux turns root-beer brown.

Apply Super Alloy 1 and allow it to flow through the joint to create a smooth neat joint that is not only strong and leakproof, but will also stand up indefinitely.

The flux is non-corrosive and can be removed easily with warm water.



  • Super Alloy 1 can be used with propane, butane, MAPP gas, acetylene, oxyacetylene
  • Always remember to turn the oxygen down with oxyacetylene


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.