Summer Travel Safety 2021: Repair Tips for Vehicle Emergencies

Summer Travel Safety

Summer Travel Safety: Vehicle Maintenance And Travel Preparation Tips

Summer travel is an American tradition loved by millions. While many of us take care to plan our travel itinerary down to the smallest details, vehicle safety is often neglected. Whether you’re traveling by car, truck, boat or an RV, if something goes wrong with your vehicle, it can seriously impact your holiday.

So, before you hit the road this summer, it is essential to carefully check your vehicle beforehand and address any issues you may encounter so as to reduce the likelihood of experiencing a problem while traveling. If you prepare beforehand, it massively reduces the stress of traveling, and makes the experience safer for you and your family.  We’ve compiled a list of summer travel safety tips to help.

Key components of your vehicle to check before setting off on your travels are:

  • The tires – if you’re traveling on land, it’s vital to check your tire pressure to avoid any flats which could have been prevented. Worn tires are also just as dangerous as low tire pressure, and can also lead to increased fuel consumption. Use a tire tread gauge to ensure your treads are where they should be and replace any worn tires before your trip.

  • Fluid levels – before leaving, check your oil, coolant and brake fluid levels are sufficient to help you avoid a breakdown. When levels are out of the correct range, it can cause damage to your vehicle which can then result in costly repairs.

  • The battery – most vehicle batteries need replacing every few years, so consider doing so if you haven’t for a while. Either way, you should check your battery for any signs of corrosion as this could restrict current flow, and get your battery professionally tested if it is over three years old.

  • Wiper blades and windscreen washer fluid level – check that that washer jets are adjusted correctly and are not blocked. You should also use a screen wash additive to keep the windscreen free of dirt, which is particularly important in hot, dry weather where there may be increased levels of sand or dust in the air.

Welding Essentials To Prepare For Mid-Trip Emergencies

Sometimes, vehicle emergencies are unavoidable no matter how well you prepare before traveling. However, packing some DIY welding essentials can help you repair any minor faults by yourself so as to save you both time and money on your travels.

Engines in large RVs such as motor homes are generally more susceptible to exhaust manifold problems, usually caused by heat build up. The area may crack due to thermal expansion and this can subsequently cause leaks. Damage to the exhaust manifold in RVs typically requires disassembly to repair.

Disassembly is time-consuming and can delay your travels. However, the Muggy Weld SSF-6 Silver Solder and a simple oxy-MAPP brazing torch can easily repair small cracks as long as the damage is within reach of the torch. SSF-6 is ideal for repairing RV damage as it produces leak-tight, smooth, and corrosion-resistant joints.

While it has a wide range of applications, it has been specially manufactured to braze cast iron exhaust manifolds, and can be easily taken with you while traveling just in case of emergency.

RV air conditioning systems may also be at risk of damage and splitting due to overheating, but small splits can be fixed using your brazing torch. For repairing damage to the air conditioning, Muggy Weld’s Super Alloy 5 is the perfect option as it has been designed for use with thinner aluminum such as that found in RV air conditioners.

It has the ability to flow through tight-fitting joints to bridge gaps while also chemically cleaning cast aluminum to remove oil and impurities. Super Alloy 5 is also ideal for use with aluminum boats (again, when paired with an oxy-MAPP brazing torch), and is a travel essential for when you’re planning on getting out on the water.

Accidental collisions with debris in the water or running aground if you’re close to the shore can cause boat seams to split and leak, or damage the propellers. Boat seams are either welded or glued, so in case of a small leak, you can use your DIY welding skills to repair the seam permanently and ensure summer travel safety.

Super Alloy 5 is the perfect color match to aluminum and was designed with boat repair in mind, so always be sure to pack it before heading out on the lake. However, if boating isn’t for you, and you’re planning on hitting the road instead, Super Alloy 1 is the best option for you.

Perhaps you’re finishing up that classic car restoration so you can cruise along the highway on hot summer nights, and are needing to repair any broken pieces without damaging the original fittings. Super Alloy 1 is ideal for this application due to its low melting temperature which warpage and base metal damage.

It’s industry approved and has already salvaged thousands of priceless classic car parts, so it’s perfect for fixing up your car and making it travel safe before hitting the road, as well as bringing with you while driving in case you need to make a repair.

For any on-the-go welding work you may need to do on your vehicle while traveling, be sure to pair with Muggy Weld’s Heat Freeze Heat Absorption Paste for extra protection against heat transfer or damage. It was crafted for work on vehicles and is completely reusable with no shelf life.

And now that you’re prepared for any vehicle-related emergency, you’re ready to head off on your travels!  Be sure to sign up for our email list to receive summer travel safety tips, articles and more!