Heat Freeze Heat Absorption Paste


Heat Freeze Heat Absorption Paste (formerly Cool Blue) is an all-natural, cellulose-based product that prevents warping and damage by protecting heat-sensitive areas around the welding site. Oftentimes it is necessary to braze or solder next to heat sensitive materials, a process that requires time consuming disassembly and reassembly. With this heat-resistant paste, you can make weld repairs without the need to disassemble parts, saving time and money.

Heat Freeze Welding heat absorption paste can be used in any position and applied on a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, chrome, plastic, vinyl, rubber, metal, and painted-on areas. It can even be used as a jig in jewelry applications and in auto body repair applications to prevent warping. This heat protection paste is reusable for life, protects up to 3000 °F, wipes off easily, and will not dry on to the surface you’ve applied it to.

Key Features:

  • Prevents warpage and base metal sagging
  • Guards against heat damage to insulation and electrical wiring
  • Protects galvanized metals during welding process
  • Safe to use on all surfaces
  • Odor and fume free
  • Can be used as a heat dam to prevent heat from traveling to heat sensitive areas
  • Prevents surface discoloration
  • Acts as a jig, securing small or delicate pieces in place
  • Prevents re-melting of previously soldered or brazed areas
  • Excellent for use in auto body and automotive repair
  • Ready to use–no measuring or blending required
  • Completely reusable with no shelf life
  • Maintains shape when heat is applied
  • Asbestos free: Does not contain any toxic elements


Common sense tip:  be sure to close the lid tightly after use to avoid leakage


Note:  Before applying it on any surface, mix product with a spatula, scoop out enough paste, and spread a liberal amount of product on the surface you wish to protect. If moisture would be harmful to the protected area, a piece of plastic wrap should be applied first. After use, tightly replace the lid to maintain proper moisture level. If Heat Freeze becomes dry, add a small amount of water to rehydrate the product. Wash hands after use.


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