Muggy Weld Reviews/Testimonials from Customers

Muggy Weld reviews:  Customer Success Stories


Daily, we receive emails in which Muggy Weld customers share their success stories through photos and videos.

The first customer review testimonial features photos from Andrew Martin of Midwest Welding in Bozeman Montana.  After soaking the electrodes in water to remove the outer coating, Midwest’s welders utilized 77 electrode to TIG weld a cast iron radiator.

Andrew shared:

We performed TIG on this here register. When the customer tightened the bleeder valve (NTP) it cracked the top portion of the heat register. We drilled and tapped a piece of cold rolled A36 and welded it to the register. Small cracks from the fracture started to show when we pressure tested, and we were able to chase the cracks and get the old register back in working order for the customer. Great product! Know where to go for cast iron repair rod

While some welding shops turn cast iron jobs away, Midwest Welding tackled this project quickly and easily thanks to 77 cast iron electrode.


Arnold Madnick sent in the second customer review with photos.  Arnold had an urgent need to repair spelter clocks and statues, and Super Alloy 1 pot metal repair kit was the perfect tool for the job. Arnold used the low temperature filler rod to rebuilt the statue’s hand which holds the clock.  (note:  we recommend using 1/8″ diameter rods when building up parts)  Super Alloy 1 has a lower melting point (350°F) than spelter (787.2°F) and builds up easily.  You can view more statue repair HERE


The 3rd review was shared by Muggy Weld customer Jon.  Jon had a crack in the head of his 1940 Royal Enfield WD/CO and used SSF-6 and an oxyacetylene torch to make the repair. (Note:  oxyacetylene is advised for a part of this size and mass) 

Jon’s testimonial is as follows:

This is my 1940 Royal Enfield WD/CO. It was a British Army motorcycle in WWII. It was leaking pretty badly through a crack in the cylinder head (crack went through to the rocker box). I used SSF-6 to braze the crack and it couldn’t have been simpler. The rod flows really nicely. Great stuff. Feel free to use these photos.

Thanks a million! We want to thank everyone for sharing their success stories with us. 

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Note:  Please observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.