Motor Mount Repair: Cast Iron 12 Valve Straight 6 Diesel Engine Repair

Motor mount repair of cast iron automotive or heavy machinery can be challenging without the right tools.

In this customer testimonial video, watch Jamie Scheld’s success using 77 STICK/TIG welding rods to repair a 96 GMC K2500 4X4 Extended Cab, Long Bed with a 3 Inch Lift and a 5 Speed New Venture 4500 Manual Tranny.

Jamie sent a series of photos showing the motor mount repair process, and shared:

“These MuggyWeld 77 Cast Iron Rods are great because they helped me fix a broken engine mount casting in the block of my 94 Dodge 5.9 Cummins 12 Valve Straight 6 Diesel Engine that I put into my work truck.  I got sick of my GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel Engine not because it’s a bad motor, it’s actually a decent motor, but it just isn’t in the same league as the Dodge 5.9. The truck now RIPS pretty damn good! Snaps your head back even in 5th gear!

Nonetheless, the MuggyWeld 77 Cast Iron Rods worked excellent! The rods were VERY easy to weld with and produced a nice strong new base metal in the block that I could tap and drill. I followed the advice Mike at Muggy Weld gave me beforehand, which wasn’t rocket science and was straightforward for anyone who is a decent arc welder. Not complicated at all.”

As you can see, during the motor mount repair process, Jamie welded and ground down the new motor mount casting several times to perfect his technique.  After several attempts, Jamie was able to grind the repair down to be perfectly flush with the other three mount perches.  He explained that he wanted the new engine mount perch to be flush with the other three so that when the engine mount was bolted up, the engine mount wouldn’t rock back and forth and wouldn’t have any space behind it–which was not a simple task.

Jamie concluded his successful cast iron motor mount repair story with:

“I finally got it ground level and flush, and the new mount bolted up excellent. Nice and strong! Very pleased with the job! Thanks, MuggyWeld!

I hope the pics are pretty self-explanatory, and yes, I was using a bolt screwed into the adjacent mount perch as a drill guide to keeping me drilling straight! I hope the pics are worth a thousand words!”

Jamie Scheld

Thanks, Jamie, for sharing your experience using 77 electrode for this cast iron motor mount repair project.


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