Cast Iron Repair Tips: How to Weld a Craftsman Mounting Bracket

Cast iron repair is an easy task, thanks to Muggy Weld’s superior line of cast iron welding rods.

Below is another customer testimonial featuring 77 cast iron welding rods for a unique cast iron repair application.

Howdy Mike

Since writing to you via your website, I now found your email address enabling me to attach photos of our first cast iron repair with your 77 arc welding rod. It was amazing how nicely the 77 flowed with no splattering and popping as experienced in prior cast iron welding repairs.

We did not take time to go for a real pretty weld, being more concerned with getting a good, deep penetration weld for maximum strength.

This cast iron mounting bracket for the heavy sanding head on a Craftsman 6×48 belt sander was irreplaceable, thus rendering the machine useless until along comes Muggy Weld 77!!!

Now we will have a much used, valuable shop tool again available for regular use.

Thank you kindly for your great neighborly customer service.

Happy Trails

Jim Farley, General Manager


Thank you, Jim, for sharing your successful cast iron repair with our customers.  Many people think cast iron repair is an impossible task, or that professional level skills are required.  This simply is not so with Muggy Weld cast iron repair products.  Whether you’re stick welding with 72 burnt cast iron rod, 75 ductile and nodular cast iron rod, or 77 machineable cast iron rod–or brazing with SSF-6 silver solder or SSQ-6 silver solder paste, we have the cast iron repair solution you’re looking for.  If you’re unsure which product will best suit your needs, send us an email–we’d be happy to help you select the correct cast iron repair product for your specific application.


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.