How to Create a Custom Han Solo DL-44 Blaster with SSQ-6

136 How to Create a Custom Han Solo DL-44 Blaster with SSQ-6

Video demonstration presented in 2 parts:

  1.  How to hide brazing joints on stainless steel parts
  2.  MuggyWeld customer Scott Juarez shared his unique use for SSF-6 56% silver solder syringe:  creating custom Han Solo DL-44 Blaster replicas!


SSQ-6 is a 1 oz syringe of our 56% silver solder, with the flux incorporated in the paste.  This method of delivery is especially useful for precision jewelry repair and custom soldering, and pairs well with Heat Freeze Heat Paste.

To use, twist off the end cap, remove the ziploc envelope from inside the syringe end and remove applicator tip.  Twist applicator tip onto the end of the syringe and you’re ready to begin.

SSF-6 is superior to SSF-6 for many precision applications because it can bond to areas rods simply cannot reach.

Be sure your parent metals have been pre-cleaned prior to soldering, to ensure proper bonding.

Add a few drops of paste to the area you wish to bond, and affix to the plate, as shown.  Using a Bernzomatic torch, broadly heat the parent metal to allow the solder and flux to melt and flow within the joint, creating a solid bond.   When the parent metal reaches a dull red color, the bonding action is complete.

Allow the part to cool, rinse with warm water and a wire brush, and you’re done.

The second portion of the video features a testimonial from MuggyWeld customer Scott Juarez, who has been using SSQ-6 to construct custom Han Solo DL-44 blaster replicas.

Scott writes:

So far so good; I’ve done between 10-15 of these so far and haven’t had many issues. In fact, the only issues I had were where the threads of the studs would suck the solder up into the threaded spacer during the melt and reduce the solder on the surface bond, and broke loose during recoil. Easily fixed with a second application.

Since then, I haven’t had a failure, and my own gun has been about 1000 rounds through it.

Thanks, Scott, for sharing your photos.  For more information on Scott’s projects, please use the links below:

YouTube:  Scottjua

Facebook:  Crucibal Custom Props


Note:  Please observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.

Caution: Do not store near edible items. If you refrigerate SSQ-6, please store in a “chemical only” designated refrigerator.