72 and 77 Electrode Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold Repair Kit


The Muggy Weld Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold Repair Kit saves you time and money on exhaust manifold repair. Using our repair kit, you can weld the manifold to make your repairs without having to remove it first. If you can reach the crack that you want to repair, you can fix it while the manifold is still in place.

This kit provides an affordable alternative to repairing an exhaust manifold that could save you hundreds of dollars. There is no special heating or cooling required when using these rods, and no need to disassemble your exhaust manifold to make your repairs.  These qualities make this the kit ideal to have on the road with you if you’re trucking, driving in your RV, or just traveling anywhere and want to make good time.

To repair your exhaust manifold, start with the 72 rods. It’s formulated to join contaminated and heat-affected cast iron, making it ideal for burnt and cracked exhaust manifolds. If you have dirty cast iron that you need to weld, the 72 rod is ideal for bonding to the metal with its high porosity. After sealing the crack with the 72 rod, you can chip off the slag and then use the 77 rod to finish it off and reinforce it. The 77 is crack-resistant, high strength, and porosity-free. The specially-designed coating converts impurities into slag. The 77 rods are softer than nickel rods, allowing them to stretch up to 300 percent more to prevent the base metal and weld from cracking.

After using the 77 to finish off your exhaust manifold repair, you can simply let it cool and you will have a stronger finish on your repair. Let it cool naturally and even try to keep it out of the wind if possible to allow it to cool slowly. You can make this type of repair with a very small welder and still fix exhaust manifolds for a variety of vehicles, including cars, RVs, trucks, buses, and more.

Take a look at our video on how to weld a cast iron exhaust manifold using 72 and 77 rods.

What’s Included

The Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold Repair Kit includes both 72 and 77 electrodes. The quantity depends on the diameter that you select:

  • 5/32: 2 rods 77 electrode, 2 rods 72 electrode

  • 3/32: 3 rods 77 electrode, 3 rods 72 electrode

  • 1/8: 2 rods 77 electrode, 2 rods 72 electrode

The 72 has extra nickel content to ensure crack resistance and anchors into heat-affected exhaust manifolds. The flux coating doesn’t arc even after being heated. Meanwhile, the 77 rods are crack-resistant, with no need to pre-heat or cool in any special way. The high-efficiency weld metal transfer eliminates electrode overheating.

Exhaust manifold repair is easy, time-saving, and money-saving when you use our useful kit. The Exhaust Manifold Repair Kit contains everything that you need to make a quick and efficient repair, whether you’re at home or on the road.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: WARNING: This product contains chemicals including [Nickel], which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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