MuggyWeld Holiday Gift Guide for the Welders & DIYers in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to choose gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. But it’s not the easiest to select the ideal gift that will put a smile on their faces.

It’s also natural to feel confused and a bit anxious about gifting as the holidays approach. If your friend, partner, or relative is a welder or someone who loves DIYs, then you might want to get specific this season and give them something they can use and appreciate.

On that note, here’s a little holiday gift guide to help you decide on the perfect gift for the welders, DIYers, and handypeople in your life.

Understand their need

Engineering and working with instruments can be exhausting. When a long day at work meets a soothing transition at home, recharging for the next day is easy. And that is why you could give them something they can relax with. A simple question like ‘How do you relax at home’ can help you develop an idea. That way, you’d know for sure that your gift helps them relax and enjoy their off time.

Do not hesitate to ask

The element of surprise is ideal, but to be honest, everyone expects holiday gifts, and adults can see through the preparation and yearly traditions. To avoid the embarrassment of gifting something relevant, you could just ask them what they’d like this holiday. You could just get an answer with a bit of nagging. Asking always helps!

Get practical

Your loved ones who work as welders, DIYers, or handypeople might actually use something at work. And this is where you could help and probably give them Muggy Weld soldering and brazing rods that come with different brazing products and a free gift. So that’s two gifts in one giving, and they’d have something they can actually appreciate and use.

Our soldering and brazing pack includes three soldering rods — Super Alloy 1, Super Alloy 5, and SSF-6 56% silver solder.

We have termed these welding rods ‘Super’ because they are just that. Super Alloy 1 is our lowest temperature soldering rod — ideal for repairing or bonding pot metal, galvanized metal, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, lead, steel, zinc die case any more in any combination at a 350°F temperature.

Then there’s Super Alloy 5 — our aluminum soldering, welding, and brazing rod, which bonds with all aluminum types, including cast aluminum at 600°F. It makes for an excellent TIG rod with an ideal thickness.

For those looking for higher strength in their DIY and welding projects, we also include our high flow SSF-6 silver solder rod. This cadmium-free brazing rod can be utilized with many metal types, such as brass, steel, copper, carbide, carbon-moly, galvanized iron, silver, gold, cast steel, and more.

If you’ve pondered purchasing Muggy Weld products in the past, our Stocking Stuffer Special is the perfect opportunity to try small packs of our most popular brazing and soldering products! And to celebrate the festive season, this MuggyWeld soldering and brazing pack also comes with free gifts — a #MuggyWeldIt Flexfit hat or beanie, promotional sticker, and product catalog with $10 off coupon inside.