Fix Pot Metal with a Propane Torch: Tips for Beginners

How to Fix Pot Metal: Tips for Beginners

A first time welder uses Super Alloy 1 and a propane torch to fix a broken piece of pot metal.

In response to customer requests, we are producing a “beginner” series of instructional videos.  This video features Tawny using a propane torch and Super Alloy 1 to fix pot metal at 350 degrees.   Step by step instructions are shown, enabling beginners to fix broken or pitted white metal parts like a pro.

Super Alloy 1 can be used to join aluminum, bronze, steel, copper, white metal, or brass in any combination, at 350°F.

As you can see, this large piece of pot metal has a large gap missing.  Tawny used a soaked piece of wood as a backer, to hold the molten solder in place while it cools.

She heats the pot metal in a perpendicular fashion, moving the torch constantly side to side.  This technique ensures the propane torch will not overheat the low temperature pot metal, which melts at 420 °C.  Pot metal’s low melting point has been a thorn in the side of many DIYers, so we wanted to demonstrate how anyone–even a beginner–can fix pot metal without a professional.

After heating the area adjacent to the area in need of the Super Alloy 1 filler rod, she begins to move the torch closer to the gap.  This pot metal piece is quite thick, so it required a lot of preheating.

Tawny dipped the rod into the flux and used the rod to apply the flux to the pot metal she intends to fix.  When the flux changes color from golden to brownish colored, Tawny begins to rub the rod across the pot metal, building up the missing piece to fill the pot metal gap.  She breaks off pieces of the flux, building across the gap and allowing the filler rod to fill the missing piece.  She then applies more flux to flow the rod out and smooth its appearance.

To finish the repair, Tawny uses a wire brush and warm water to remove the flux, then grind the part down.

That’s it!  It’s easy to fix pot metal with the right tools.  Thank you, Tawny!

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