Welding Industries: Professions that Utilize Welding

Improve Your Mettle Industries that Utilize Welding

The welding industry is not one that’s expected to slow down anytime soon—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Over the last few years, the industry has seen major growth in several leading economies. If you wish to expand your welding business, you can rest assured that you have a wealth of opportunities ahead of you. There are several industries that can use your skills, and some are listed in further detail below.


Welding is integral to both building and repairing ships. When welded incorrectly, the entire structure becomes compromised. Of the potential shipbuilding methods, welding is both the quickest, as well as sturdiest, option. The technique most often used in this process is electric arc welding. Welders in this industry should be advised that they must also possess the skills required to use heavy machinery.


Aluminum is a highly used material in the automotive industry, so it makes sense that welding is an integral component in the process. Cars are one of the most lucrative ways for welders to make money. There are several aspects of a car’s design that require the skill, and it has to be done right. Fashioning and welding several panels in place takes expert-level experience and precision.

Amusement Parks

When you sit atop a roller coaster, the last thing you want to worry about is a potential malfunction. There are several safety requirements that surround theme park rides, and it goes without saying that a sturdy structure is essential. Roller coasters can weigh around 150,000 pounds and take over 100 people to build. These workers must collaborate to build and weld a structure that can support a substantial amount of weight and allows carts to safely navigate the track.


Railroad welding requires specialized methods that aren’t always used in other industries. The technique used most often is thermic welding, a skill that’s not commonly taught. This means extra training may be required. Hours working for a railroad are typically long, but due to the unique skill required, higher pay may be offered. It’s an industry that’s been at work for a long time, and the market isn’t likely to dry up anytime soon.


Growing your welding business isn’t just a pipedream for those with the proper drive and skill to do such. Anyone who wants to expand their reach will find it an achievable task, so long as they properly strategize for their future. By using high-quality materials and employing talented workers, the industry offers a host of opportunities. Busy business owners can purchase welding supplies online from companies, such as Muggy Weld, who will take care of their needs. This allows business owners to focus on other aspects of their careers. If you target the right industries and use the proper tools, your business is sure to succeed.