The Importance of Using High-Quality Welding Products

Welding is a trade in which everything—from your skill level to the tools you use—plays a role in determining product quality. Welding is labor intensive, and it’s ideal you do the job correctly the first time. Today, we focus on why you should pay special attention to the quality of the tools you use. Not … Continued

What is Repair Welding? An Overview of the Basics

When we consider welding, we often first imagine the Middle Ages; this is when blacksmiths first developed the basics of the craft as we know it today. The art has evolved and changed over the years, and modern advancements have only improved it. It’s a well-respected trade, and many things we use daily—such as automobiles—would likely not … Continued

The Mindful Welder’s Guide: Welding Safety Tips

One thing that’s just as important as knowing how to weld is also knowing how to follow proper safety protocols. While a rewarding skill to have, welding can be incredibly dangerous if not done right. It’s for this reason that you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with proper safety rules before you begin any actual metalworking. We’ve created … Continued

Essential Welding Supplies for Welders of All Skill Levels

Welding is a trade that’s continued to evolve over the last several centuries. As the art has improved, so have the tools used to perform it. It was only 80 years ago that the first electric soldering rod was developed, and some of the most important safety equipment that we use has only been developed in the … Continued

Improve Your Mettle: Industries that Utilize Welding

The welding industry is not one that’s expected to slow down anytime soon—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Over the last few years, the industry has seen major growth in several leading economies. If you wish to expand your welding business, you can rest assured that you have a wealth of opportunities ahead of you. There are … Continued

3 Common Types of Welding Processes: TIG, MIG, and Stick

Welding is a high-skill process with a history that traces all the way back to the Bronze Age. The operation involves fusing pieces of metal together with heat and, often, force. Anyone whose knowledge does not extend beyond hammer-wielding blacksmiths may not know that there are several different ways to work with metal. Some of these … Continued

The Key Differences Between Welding and Soldering

Welding is known to the everyman as a process which melts and joins together two pieces of metal. While this is true, professionals know that not all metal crafting falls into the same category. Welding covers a lot of ground, and it’s utilized in over 50% of products manufactured in the U.S. There are some projects, however, … Continued