Welding in Shipbuilding: Applications and Career Opportunities

The Importance of Welding in Shipbuilding

Welding is an essential component of a litany of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, and railroad industries. Another task that highly relies on the results that welding provides is shipbuilding. It would be impossible for these structures to operate as efficiently and as safely as they do without the proper welding applications. The giant ships used in areas such as the military, commerce, and travel may have as many as hundreds of joints that require welding.

Why It’s Used

Welding can create joints that are water and oil-tight. This is the most effective method as far as how professionals achieve this incredibly important task. While welder may rivet the joints in ships, this is a process that causes expenses in the initial application as well as the required constant maintenance. Welding is the more affordable option, and, in comparison to riveting, requires little to no maintenance. The process of welding steel to cast iron or any other metals incorporated into the ship’s design, requires few materials. One can easily achieve this using different welding techniques.

Depending on the structure’s needs, traditional methods such as TIG or MIG welding are most common. Additionally, shipbuilding is one of the first industries to introduce laser welding to the construction of large metal structures. The versatility that welding allows prevents the need to use an excessive number of products and non-welding-related methods that cost time and money.

A Lucrative Career

Due to the demand for experienced welders, as well as the complicated methods used, shipbuilding is one of the most profitable careers for welding professionals. As of 2017, the median salary for pipe welders was $58,998. As such, it’s an attractive career option for welders looking to make a comfortable income.

The Right Supplies

As you may imagine, a strong weld is essential in the shipbuilding industry. As such, it’s important to have products that will support these builds. Muggy Weld offers high-quality products that will aid you in all of your shipbuilding endeavors.