How to Solder Galvanized Steel with Super Alloy 1

How to Solder Galvanized Steel with Super Alloy 1

Galvanized steel is a durable metal designed to resist corrosion.  To galvanize steel, a protective coating of zinc oxide is applied by either spraying the part with a thin coat of zinc or dipping the steel in a molten zinc bath.  Galvanized steel is ideal for marine and industrial applications due to its salt and water repellent properties.

In this video, a piece of galvanized steel with a 1/8 inch gap is joined with Super Alloy 1 rod and flux and a propane torch.

Super Alloy 1 is a multi-metal solder with a working temperature of 350°F.  This low melting point allows for a low temperature repair without damaging  the existing zinc coating.   Super Alloy 1 bonds all white metals (pot metal, aluminum, galvanized metal, copper, brass, bronze, steel, zinc die cast, pewter, zinc plated steel, lead, zamak, monkey metal)  individually or to nearly any other white metal–even non-ferrous to ferrous metals, like steel to aluminum

Solder galvanized steel repair technique:

Always pre-clean the parent metal to ensure proper bonding.

Apply Super Alloy 1flux to the parent metal liberally, then begin to broadly heat the parent metal.  Be sure not to heat the flux directly.  Super Alloy 1’s flux acts as an exact temperature guide, changing from honey colored to root beer brown when the parent metal has reached 350°F, so it’s important to allow the flux to heat with the parent metal, not the flame. If the flux turns black, you’ve overheated it and will need to remove the flux with warm water and a wire brush and start over.

When the base metal reaches proper working temperature and the flux is root beer brown, deposit the rod to your work area.  Add flux as necessary to improve the flow of the alloy.  Continue to move your torch to avoid overheating the parent metal.

When the galvanized steel is joined, simply remove the excess flux with warm water and a wire brush.

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