Soldering Lead Fishing Leads with Super Alloy 1

Another unique soldering solution with Super Alloy 1:

On occasion,  fishermen may only have a few ounces of lead to make a repair, which is acceptable if the tides are slow or they aren’t fishing in deep water, but when the lead needs to reach deep water fish, it may be necessary to solder lead together.

For this reason, we’re frequently asked   “Can Super Alloy 1 solder lead without melting the lead?”   and the answer is yes.   While lead melts at 621 degrees F, Super Alloy 1 melts at only 350 F–making this application a quick and easy one.    Super Alloy 1 can solder any lead, and can solder zinc to lead, or a variety of metals to lead, with a hand held propane torch–making this an inexpensive, convenient repair for any avid sport fisher.


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