Silver Solder Brass with High Strength SSF-6 Silver Solder

Now you too can silver solder brass with Muggy Weld SSF-6 silver solder and a propane torch.

Brass is a commonly used metal due to its unique properties:  it is high strength, easily machinable, corrosion-resistant and has antimicrobial properties.  Industrially, many automotive radiator shops have begun to replace defective or damaged aluminum radiators with cooper/brass radiators to save money and produce a lighter product (which is important for gas mileage and performance).  Aesthetically pleasing brass is also highly valued for fittings and fixtures, musical instruments, doorknobs, ammunition casings, electrical components, technical instruments, hinges and more.

For this video demonstration, Mike utilizes SSF-6 and a propane torch to silver solder two thin brass plates.  He chose a propane torch for these thin brass parts, however, MAPP gas or oxygen acetylene would be just as effective for this application.

Begin the repair by pre-cleaning the brass to ensure proper bonding.  When the brass has been properly prepared for soldering, use the torch to heat the metal in a broad fashion, always keeping the torch moving to avoid overheating.  You’ll notice the brass changes color to a dull red when it has reached working temperature.  This color change indicates it’s time to apply the flux.  SSF-6 is flux covered, so simply touch the rod to the brass and melt a small amount of flux with the torch.  Delay adding the silver solder alloy until the flux has flowed back and forth, front to back and covered the entire joint to be bonded.  Then add a drop of silver solder, and flow the filler alloy out with the torch.

The end result is a porosity free seal that’s strong and permanent.

SSF-6 flows at a lower temperature than most silver solders so you are not in danger of warping the parent metal.  SSF-6 can flow up to 18 inches per inch of rod with minimal thermal distortion.  It is cadmium free, restaurant and hospital safe, and SSF-6’s 70,000 psi bonding strength is especially valuable when working on high strength metals such as brass.  The strength of this rod is that of MIG welding, but grinding or machining are unnecessary, due to the pleasing natural finish of the silver solder.


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.