Silver Solder Welding: The Use of Silver Solder in Ornamental Applications

Silver Solder Welding

Silver Solder Welding

Silver solder welding is a practical skill with a wide range of applications. In fact, if you’re building anything that uses metals, you will at least need to know how to join them together if you are to make anything of value. But welding is not only for practical purposes; it can also be used to create things of beauty. Ornamental and decorative items like front gates, trellises, garden sculptures, fireplace screens, wine racks and even jewelry are all made possible when heat meets metal. And silver solder is one of the best alloys for the job.

What is silver solder?

The silver solder most commonly used by silversmiths and welders is a metal alloy containing silver, copper and zinc. This alloy is popular for its low melting point (compared to pure silver) and strong bonding characteristics, which are both necessary to create a secure join when welding. Silver solder is primarily used in the production of silver jewelry, but it can also be used to join common metals like copper, steel, cast iron, brass and gold.

How to silver solder:

Silver soldering (otherwise known as silver brazing) is the process in which silver solder is melted using a blowtorch to seal a join. There are four grades of silver solder each with their own melting point, but the range is roughly 1210 to 1435°F. Before you apply any heat, it’s important to clean your silver solder and apply some flux – a chemical compound that prevents oxidation and assists in the flow of the alloy. From there, it’s a case of melting the silver solder along the join and waiting for it to cool.

Welding ornaments with silver solder:

Once you’ve mastered the art of soldering, you can create almost anything you put your mind to. A lot of people opt to make silver solder jewelry, for which you can find countless video guides and tutorials online. You can also create decorative objects for the home like candleholders, wine racks, door signs, and wall art. If you feel like taking on a larger (and more practical) project, why not try your hand at creating your own welded furniture? Dining chairs, coffee tables, shelf units – it’s all possible with silver solder!

Start creating with Muggy Weld:

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