Silver Solder Stainless Steel with SSF-6 and a Brazing Torch

Now you too can silver solder stainless steel with any torch and SSF-6 56% Silver Solder.

Stainless steel is a lightweight, versatile metal utilized in many industries and applications including medical instruments, restaurant equipment and cookware, auto body, aircraft, surgical implants, roofing, and even bridges.

SSF-6 silver solder bonds all stainless steel, and its flux coating is specially formulated to wet burned stainless steel and clean oxidized stainless steel.

Stainless steel parts come in many shapes:  coils, tubes, bars, sheets etc.  SSF-6 silver solder is an effective solution for brazing silver solder in any shape or form, with nearly any torch.

For this video demonstration, watch as SSF-6 Silver Solder joins two stainless steel plates at 1150°F, with an inexpensive propane torch.

Stainless Steel Silver Solder Technique:

First, broadly heat the stainless steel in a circular motion to evenly preheat the stainless steel.  Applying too much heat to any one spot for an extended period may result in overheating and melting the stainless steel.

Stainless steel changes colors as it increases in temperature, so watch for it to turn a dull red color, indicating that it’s time to add the flux, then the solder.

Since one inch of rod flows 18 inches, these plates were joined with a very small amount of silver solder rod.

Using the torch and the flux to flow the rod, SSF-6 created a smooth, corrosion resistant, leak-tight, electrically conductive joints.

Notice the end result is a perfect color match to the stainless steel.  And it’s a strong bond:  SSF-6 bonds stainless steel at 70,000 psi.

SSF-6 is cadmium-free, restaurant and hospital safe, and has an indefinite shelf life if stored properly.  Not only will it repair stainless steel, this one silver solder rod also bonds cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, brass, silver, cupronickel, gold, and more–together or individually.  It can be used to braze cast iron exhaust manifolds without disassembly.

Be sure your toolbox is stocked with SSF-6 today!


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