Pot Metal Repair Guide: 1962 Impala Custom Dashboard Repair

How to Repair Pot Metal: 1962 Impala Dashboard Repair with Super Alloy 1 Pot Metal Repair Kit

Muggy Weld customer Alex recently shared his repair of a pot metal 1962 Impala dashboard and we couldn’t be happier.  Alex was curious if Super Alloy 1 could bond sheet metal to pot metal and decided to give this custom repair application a try.

Impalas were considered flagship passenger cars for Chevy, and the 1962 Chevy Impala featured several new features including an overhang convertible roof–making this a popular car among consumers.  Impalas offered big block and small block engine choices, luxury seats and interiors, and aluminum and chrome panels to house the triple taillight assembly.  Many collectors still consider Chevy Impalas their favorite muscle cars, and insist on keeping their car parts all original rather than plastic or temporary repair fillers.

For this repair, Alex prepared the part by first shaving the firewall and wipers–he didn’t want to leave the wiper switch and heater controls on the dash.   Note:  Super Alloy Alloy 1 pot metal repair kit has been instrumental in numerous custom jobs such as frenching taillight housings to sheet metal giving a seamless appearance.

As you can see, Alex was successful in his pot metal repair attempt and the end result is a completely unique 1962 Impala dashboard.  Alex said  “I just want to say thank you for your product as it definitely helped me out”

Super Alloy 1’s low melting point of 350°F prevents warpage and you never have to worry about overheating or destroying irreplaceable or collectible pot metal parts while making your repair. Thank you Alex for trying Super Alloy 1, thinking outside the box, and sharing your pot metal repair story.


If you’ve utilized Super Alloy 1 in a unique or interesting application, please send us an email with photos.  We’d love to share your success story with other Muggy Weld customers.


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