Silver Solder an Antique Whizzer Tank w/ SSF-6 56% Silver Solder Rods

How to silver solder a steel Whizzer motor tank with SSF-6 56% Silver Solder and an oxyacetylene torch


Working with silver solder needn’t be problematic.  This 1946 antique Schwinn deluxe B6 bicycle has a loose bung on its 1947 Whizzer H steel motor tank. Tracy at Denis’s Restoration Garage used an oxyacetylene torch and SSF-6  Silver Solder to braze the bung to the Whizzer motor tank body, then he used a wire brush to clean the silver solder, and tapped and re-threaded the bung.

Whizzer motor tanks were a popular solution to gas shortages during WWII and many of these restored antique motorized bicycles sell for thousands of dollars at auction. Advertisements boasted “Ride one and you’ll buy one.” The ad then went on to list the advantages of the Whizzer: “(It) will take you where the fish are waiting. A woods trail is as good as a highway for this sturdy 2-1/2 hp motor. The economical, comfortable way to ride to work. 125 or more miles per gallon of gas. And no parking problems to worry about.”

It’s important to thoroughly clean the parent metal using a wire brush or sandpaper prior to brazing with silver solder. Pre-cleaning allows for better bonding and better flow. Move the heat evenly to avoid overheating the motor tank and damaging the parent metal.

Note: paint related heat damage shown in this video could have been avoided by applying Heat Freeze Heat Paste around the repair area prior to brazing the Whizzer motor tank.  After brazing, tapping and threading the bung, the tank was sealed, flushed, filled and inspected. Zero leaks were reported.

Thanks, Tracy, for sharing this informative video featuring a Whizzer tank repair with SSF-6 Silver Solder. Be sure to subscribe to C10Trace YouTube channel for more videos.

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