How to Choose an Arc Welder/Welding Machine

How to Choose an Arc Welder


What is Arc Welding?

Perfect for at-home repairs and maintenance, arc welding is a technique used to bond metal joints for a strong and durable finish. Arc welding machines work by generating heat that creates an electric arc between the welding site and an electrode rod, causing the original metal to fuse with the filler and create a joint. The three main types of arc welders are:

  • MMA welders (also known as stick welders) are electrical transformers that deliver a high-temperature current to locally melt the repair site and the electrode itself.

  • MIG/MAG welders, where the electrode is replaced by a coil of wire that unwinds in the welding torch as the wire is melted by the electrical current.

  • TIG welders use an inert gas, a non-fusible electrode, and filler metal to weld thin layers. This welder is more commonly used by professionals and the torch requires cooling at higher intensities.

Stick welders are the most popular tool for home-shop welding and can be used for welding most alloys or joints. It is the most economical method and allows any amateur welder to create a strong joint on rusty or dirty metals such as car parts that need repairing. Plus, it can be used indoors and outdoors, and still works effectively in drafty areas, making it perfect for use in your home garage or work shed.

What to Look for When Buying a Welder

When buying an arc welder, the most important thing to consider is what you will be using it for. While professionals may opt for a TIG welder, an MMA machine is the most suitable for home and farm maintenance or repair welding, as well as hobbyists and practicing welders. Unlike TIG welders, MMA machines do not require a gas canister, making them easier to transport around the home. These are the most affordable welder machines for minor repairs.

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