How to Solder Brass w/ Premium SSQ-6 56% Silver Solder Paste

How to Solder Brass Plates with SSQ-6 56% Silver Solder Paste

When it comes to soldering or brazing brass, there are many options for joining brass parts. For this application, we used SSQ-6 56 percent silver solder paste to demonstrate how to join two pieces of brass. Just push the plunger to apply the paste to your work area.

This SSQ-6 silver solder paste is wonderful for beginners who have never used a brazing rod before. You simply won’t find an easier solution for joining brass.

SSQ-6 works on many metals: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, copper – in any combination. Just heat the base metal and you will see the flux start to activate.

Keep moving the torch from side to side, until the weld is fully extended. Watch how it flows. That beauty! A dark red is perfect. Now I’m going to remove the excess flux with a wire brush and show you how it flows. As you can see, the union was very nice. It even flowed to the other side.

This is a wonderful product for the beginner, and also for the seasoned professional.


  • Apply paste only to cooled metal
  • SSQ-6 works with any torch: propane, MAPP gas, oxy-acetylene
  • Flux is incorporated into the syringe
  • SSQ-6 Silver Solder is easy for anyone to use – just push the plunger, apply the amount needed, and add heat
  • Works well in all positions
  • SSQ-6 has a shelf life of 9 months and must be refrigerated
  • Recommended for precision work such as jewelry making
  • Pairs well with Heat Freeze Heat Absorption Paste
  • Syringe dispenser allows for one handed soldering and placement of alloy
  • Syringe dispenser eliminates waste–as little as a pinhead dot can be dispensed


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.

Caution: Do not store near edible items. If you refrigerate SSQ-6, please store in a “chemical only” designated refrigerator.