Classic Car Restoration with Super Alloy 1 Pot Metal Repair Kit

Classic Car Restoration Projects Featuring Super Alloy 1 Pot Metal Restoration Kit

Super Alloy 1 pot metal restoration kit is the ideal solution for all your classic car and antique auto restoration needs.  This low-temperature multi-metal solder bonds all white metals to practically any other metal at 350°F, with nearly any heat source:  propane, soldering iron, heat gun, MAPP gas, butane etc.

This video shows a montage of classic car restoration projects and antique pot metal part repairs.  Each of these repairs was made possible with Super Alloy 1 rod and flux kit and a hand held propane torch.

Pot metal repairs featured in this video:

  • a 1947 Diamond T grille
  • a broken 1967 Firebird heater control arm
  • a piece of pot metal soldered to a 1972 Ford PU steering column collar
  • a missing chunk of die cast zinc from a 1920 phonograph support arm
  • a 1940 Desoto hood latch arm
  • a 1970 Mustang headlight bucket
  • a 1968 Chevy Nova heater control
  • a 33-34 Dodge Ram hood ornament
  • a 1929 Briggs and Stratton carburetor with a hole in the bowl

Super Alloy 1 allows classic car enthusiasts to keep their car original, with a real metal to metal bond (as opposed to epoxy-type repairs)

Many classic car and antique auto parts are rare or irreplaceable, making Super Alloy 1 a valuable tool for any classic car restoration project.  Its rod and flux work synergistically and the flux acts as an exact temperature guide, changing from honey colored to root beer brown when the parent metal reaches the proper working temperature.  This unique feature enables anyone to restore pot metal without risk of overheating their precious antique parts.  The resulting bond can be built up, shaped, chrome plated, or powder coated after soldering.

Whether filling gaps, tinning pitted parts, or joining broken pieces, Super Alloy 1 is an inexpensive and easy solution for all your pot metal repair needs.

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