Working with Copper: the Metal of Love

Working with Copper

Working with Copper, the Metal of Love

Copper is the metal of love. The soft red-brown to a dark brick red metal ore naturally conducts heat and radiates luxury. The bright shiny transition of alloy and tin can stimulate love energy flow and address imbalances.

Copper, love, and relationships go hand in hand. Whether you’re trying to rekindle a lost passion or spark a new adventure with someone new, copper has ties to all things love. So just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s what every lover should know about copper.

Copper Represents the Goddess of Love

Copper is crowned the “love metal” because it can help zero in on whatever is ailing your love life and help you find the right solutions. It’s also the first metal widely used by humans.

Copper has been used for at least ten thousand years and was enjoyed by some of the oldest civilizations on record. In mythology, copper is associated with the goddess Venus because of its lustrous beauty. The Roman goddess’ functions encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity, and desire.

The Benefits of Copper

Sometimes releasing restrictions we set within ourselves when looking for love or creating the life we want is essential.

Use copper to conduct your spiritual belief system. Copper transports spiritual energies back and forth between you and the people in your life. Stimulated energy flow activates your inner vision and infuses you with energy to regain balance, improve communication, and kindle synchronicity. Copper is said to help overcome laziness, passiveness, and lethargy in our relationships. Copper helps eliminate dissatisfaction and emphasizes self-love and self-acceptance. It can also stimulate optimism, initiative, and diplomacy, allowing you to be more open with the person you love.

On a very different but just as important note, we should also mention that we’re not in danger of running out of copper. Estimates show we have over 8 trillion pounds of accessible copper, and we’ve only mined about 1.1 trillion pounds so far.

How to Use Copper

Copper can conduct spiritual energy back and forth between individuals. If you’re single, you can use copper to help bring more love into your life. Copper can facilitate better communication, passion, and understanding with the person you love if you’re in a relationship.

There are various ways you can incorporate copper into your daily life. For example, if you’re low on copper, you can snack on dark chocolate, nuts, seafood, legumes, liver, and green leafy vegetables. If you’re looking to promote good health and create a balance in your personal life and your home, copper stones disperse negative energies in a space to promote a positive change. Throughout time, healers have also used copper to aid in the healing process in the body. Copper improves blood circulation, increases energy, and detoxifies the body. Today, many hospitals use copper equipment to reduce hospital infections, thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

Copper will be around long after February 14th passes. So use this magical metal’s wonders the next time your love life needs a boost.