Vintage Die Cast Restoration: Petrolaina Gas Pump Repair

Vintage die cast gas pump restoration customer testimonial


I received your Super Alloy 1, and the next day I tried to fix the die cast parts.  The pump faces are for this antique gas pump– with your Super Alloy 1 they were saved. To my delight it was a flawless repair.

The pump is a 1935 Wayne 40-A. I saved some impossible pieces to replace. I do this as a side job. I have painted over 250 antique pumps and various other old gas station equipment, without your product the faces are basically junk and the repops are not very nice.
Thank you again and will be using your other products in the future.

Milt Larson

When it comes to classic gas pumps, authentic original gasoline or diesel pumps are considered the cream of the crop. Most collectors within the Petrolaina community prefer restoration over reproduction parts (repops), and MuggyWeld customer Milt Larson is no exception.

Petroliana collectors restore many antiques parts related to gas stations and the oil business including gas pumps, globes, road maps, signs, globes, oil cans, and signs for major companies like Mobil, Standard Oil, Sinclair, Shell, Jayhawk, Phillips 66, Texaco, Mohawk, Signal, and Richfield. Historically, a large number of these antique fuel pumps and vintage parts were manufactured using inexpensive pot metal or zinc die cast, making Super Alloy 1 a popular restoration tool for both pot metal and steel units. Super Alloy 1’s 350°F working temperature allows the collector to perform seamless repairs on thin steel without warpage, and this low temperature soldering alloy can also join pot metal to steel on these rare vintage parts.   For more information about Petroliana parts, or to connect with the community, visit

Thanks, Milt, for sharing your unique Super Alloy 1 application!


Note:  Please observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.