SSF 6 Silver Solder Tips: Fix a Ford F150 EGR Valve Tube

How to Repair a Ford F150 EGR Valve Tube with SSF 6 Silver Solder

Jack at Madrona Auto Works in Olympia, WA recently called our toll-free line for welding assistance.  As you can see, this Ford F150 pickup’s EGR Valve Tube was corroded and required brazing to bridge the gap.  The replacement part was a day away and $100, so one of Jack’s mechanics decided to attempt a repair with SSF 6 Silver Solder and a propane torch.

After cleaning the steel EGR valve tube with a wire wheel to remove all the contaminates and oxidation, he gently heated the parent metal and gradually added SSF 6.  Notice the technique:  tin the surface on both sides, then bridge the gap with SSF 6, continually moving the torch to avoid overheating and damaging the parent metal.  To completely fill the hole, he brazed around the entire part until the gap was completely closed.  Very little silver solder was required for this repair, as 1 inch of material can flow 18 inches on tight-fitting metals.

Note:  He wasn’t attempting an aesthetic repair, just a functional job with no leaks–which he attained with SSF 6 Silver Solder.

After completing the EGV valve tube repair, he simply removed the excess flux with warm water and a wire brush and reassembled the Ford F150.

In addition to steel, SSF 6 Silver Solder bonds cast iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, chrome-moly, carbon-moly, silicone bronze, galvanized iron, mild steel, carbide, carbon steel, spring steel, manganese steel, cast steel, cadmium coated steel, German steel, inconel , cupronickel, silver, and gold–individually or to one another.

SSF 6’s highly active flux coating promotes excellent bonding–the resulting repair is 70,000 psi!   And the cadmium-free formula is restaurant and pharmaceutical safe,making it  the rod of choice for plumbing, HVAC, automotive, gun repair and jewelry-making applications.

NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.