How to Silver Solder with SSF-6: Presented by YouTuber TheCrafsMan

How to Silver Solder featuring SSF-6 Silver Solder.  Muggy Weld customer TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin utilizes Muggy Weld SSF-6 Silver Solder for multiple brazing applications including joining 2 rusty nails and 2 large steel gears.

From time to time we come across interesting and unique videos featuring our MuggyWeld brand products.  This most recent “how to silver solder” find was truly entertaining, we hope you enjoy.


TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin uses a simple Bernzomatic trigger torch with MAPP gas to apply our flux-coated SSF-6 56% Silver Solder rod for both brazing applications.   A small amount of SSF-6 Silver Solder is all that’s required to join even large pieces–1 inch of material can flow 18 inches and bonds even hard to reach areas.  As you can see, this specially formulated flux coating provides twice the base metal cleansing action of conventional silver flux coatings, producing smooth, leak-tight, and corrosion-resistant joints.  While TheCrafsMan was able to bond 2 rusty nails in this video, pre-cleaning the parent metal is always advised to ensure effective bonding.

After joining the gears, watch as TheCrafsMan tests the strength of the joint by dropping the parts and then hammering the parts in an attempt to break the bond.  Notice the strength of the bond (70,000 psi), even under these extreme circumstances.   Residual flux can be easily removed using warm water and a wire brush.

This all position cadmium-free silver solder rod is safe for restaurant and medical applications and can be used on cast iron,  stainless steel (even burned stainless), brass, manganese steel, copper, spring steel, bronze, mild steel, cadmium coated steel, carbon steel, chrome-moly, inconel, carbon-moly, silicone bronze, galvanized iron, German steel, cupronickel, silver, cast steel, and gold–individually or with other metals.


Thank you, TheCrafsMan, for this informative and entertaining “how to silver solder” instructional video.

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NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.