How to Solder Galvanized Steel Without Damaging the Coating

How to Solder Galvanized Steel Without Damaging the Coating

What exactly is galvanized steel?

Steel is a metal frequently used in many industries due to its low cost, strength, and resistance to fractures.   While stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than standard steel alloys, some manufactured parts require a higher level of corrosion resistance.  For these applications, zinc oxide is commonly used to coat or “galvanize” the steel.  The end result is a protective layer that is a corrosion resistant to both salt and water and virtually maintenance-free.

Galvanized steel is used extensively in the manufacture of marine parts, steel building structures, and outdoor playground equipment.

In this demonstration, 2 galvanized steel plates are joined using Super Alloy 1 and a propane torch.  The low 350°F melting point of Super Alloy 1 is ideal for soldering without damaging the protective zinc coating.

Notice the technique:  drip the rod into the liquid flux and apply it to the work area

Broadly heat the parent metal, gradually bringing it to the 350°F working temperature.  You’ll know when the metal has reached 350°F because the flux will transform from honey golden color to a root beer brown.  This is an indication it’s time to apply the filler rod.  Effectively, the flux acts as an exact temperature guide.

No expertise required.  Simply watch the flux and keep your heat moving.  After joining the 2 galvanized plates, simply wash the residual flux off with warm water and a warm brush.

Super Alloy 1 works in all positions, creates a 20,000 psi bond, and bonds to a variety of metals:  aluminum, galvanized metals, pot metal, copper, brass, zinc die cast, bronze, steel, lead, pewter, zinc plated steel, zamak, and monkey metal.  Super Alloy 1 bonds these metals individually or in any combination–aluminum to brass etc.  It is ideal for low temperature applications and can be applied with any heat source including oxyacetylene, heat gun, butane, soldering gun, or propane torch.


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