Solder Brass and Many Other Metals 350°F with a Propane Torch

How to Solder Holes in Brass Tubing at 350°F with a Propane Torch and Super Alloy 1 Low Temperature Solder

Brass is a durable, non-magnetic metal comprised of zinc and copper that is often used in decorative furnishings for aesthetic purposes.   In industrial applications, brass tubing and pipes are also a superior choice for plumbing due to its corrosion resistance, flexibility, and heat conduction.  Many builders choose brass tubing over PVC to avoid costly repairs and replacement down the line.

On the occasion when brass tubing requires repair, Super Alloy 1 solder and a propane torch is all you need to solder brass tubing at 350°F.  Whether you’re filling a hole, patching a tear, or bonding brass to other metals such as copper, bronze, or aluminum, Super Alloy 1 will solder these metals beautifully at a very low temperature.

Quick and easy brass tubing solder instructions:

  1.  Preclean the brass with sandpaper, Dremel etc
  2.  Broadly and gently heat the brass, consistently moving the heat to avoid overheating the brass tubing
  3.  Dip the rod into the honey flux and apply it to the brass tubing
  4. Continue to move the heat, heating the metal not the flux (the non-corrosive flux changes color from golden to brown when the brass tubing has reached 350°F)
  5. When the flux changes color, add the solder rod
  6. Use the torch to flow the solder, adding more flux if necessary
  7. Allow the part to cool naturally
  8. Remove residual flux with a wire brush and warm water
  9. Sand, grind, or finish the brass tubing as needed

The brass tubing solder technique featured in this video can be utilized for nearly any brass solder repair needs:  railings, appliances, antique clocks, handrails, decorative decor pieces etc.   The end result is a 20,000 psi solder bond that can be powder coated, plated, painted, polished, or shaped.

A propane torch was used for this video, but Super Alloy 1 is equally as effective with almost any torch due to its low working temperature:  MAPP, oxyacetylene, butane, propane, soldering iron, heat gun etc.  If your heat source can bring the parent metal to 350°F, it can be used with Super Alloy 1 Solder.

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