Repair Rare Parts w Super Alloy 1: 1965 Datsun NL320 Pot Metal Repair

How to Repair a Rare 1965 Datsun NL320 Tail Light Bezel with Super Alloy 1

In this how to video, Paul Culbertson of Culbertson Signs in Tacoma, WA teaches how to repair rare 1965 Datsun NL320 tail light bezels with Super Alloy 1 pot metal repair kit and a propane torch.  Only 1000 of these trucks were manufactured, so finding replacement parts was not difficult–it was impossible.  There are no aftermarket parts for 1965 Datsun NL320s.

As with many classic cars, repairing the bezels was the only option for restoration and Super Alloy 1’s low melting temperature (350°F) enabled Paul to repair the hairline cracks on these “one of a kind” parts without the risk of damaging the existing pot metal.

Paul removes the oxidation with a die grinder prior to beginning the repair. Pre-cleaning is an important step, as it ensures a secure bond between the filler material and the parent metal. Be sure to prepare the metal within 30 minutes of soldering your part. Paul used a die grinder, but an emory cloth, sanding disc, Dremel tool etc would be just as effective for this task.

The next step is preheating the parent metal, by broadly moving the propane torch around the part (being careful to never concentrate the flame in any one area, which would melt the low temperature pot metal).

Dip the solder rod into the liquid flux and apply it to the repair area. Continue to broadly heat the metal, watching for the color change of the flux: honey to root beer brown. This transformation indicates the parent metal is at the proper working temperature and it’s time to apply the rod to the work area.

Tin the rod over the parent metal, rubbing the rod gently back and forth to fill and restore the pot metal. Additional flux can be applied to flatten or flow the solder.

Allow the part to cool naturally, remove the excess flux with warm water and a wire brush, and grind/shape/chrome plate the part, then reinstall.

Thanks, Paul, for sharing this rare tail light repair with our viewers.


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